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The stories we tell will be honest, non-judgemental, sometimes happy, sometimes sad, but always true to life.


Really Real Resources

Really Real Resources was once an idea stuck inside Graham’s head, filed under ‘something that really needs to happen’. It was only after a bowl of soup at an art gallery that Graham and Leon decided to actually start to make it really happen. Lots of meetings and conversations have followed, some (the best ones) fuelled by alcohol. A mix of lots of hard work and help from others have assisted Really Real Resources to get where it is today. Our thanks goes out to all those who have helped along the way.

Really Real Resources, wants to make a social impact, challenge stigma, help social inclusion and better represent the vulnerable and disadvantaged in the media, in all its forms.

Really Real

We are a team of individuals that don’t take ourselves too seriously, it may be fair to say we can be a little crazy at times. But! And it’s a big but. We are passionate and good at what we do. More importantly we want to make a positive social difference.

Really Real Resources stock photography team Graham Miller

Graham Miller

Really Real Resources stock photography team Leon Wilkes

Leon Wilkes

Marketing Director
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Dave the Dog

The Dog
Really Real Resources marketing manager Jen Craig

Jen Craig

Marketing Manager
Really Real Resources marketing manager Martin Wilson

Martin Wilson

Marketing Manager


The five points below will give a complete insight to what we think and what we want to achieve.

What is Really Real Resources?

Really Real Resources is a unique stock photography library dedicated to generating, sourcing and making available very high quality editorial media. That consists of images, video and audio material which ‘Really’ shows what real people’s lives are like.

We are a social enterprise intending to make a real social impact.

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Why is Really Real Resources needed?

Over the last ten years, Graham Miller, has worked as a Documentary Photographer focused on Mental Health, Downs Syndrome, Autism and more recently Rare Conditions. 

Those who are affected are best placed to tell their stories, but often don’t do so. This is for reasons of lack of support, opportunity, encouragement, guidance, skills and confidence. By working with individuals, we will help one person and their immediate family share what life is ‘Really’ like for them. At the same time, making that work available globally in the media. We will help millions in similar situations.

Graham says, ‘I’ve learnt a great deal about the challenging lives people lead and am frustrated that we rarely see images in the media which reflect the reality of life for them. Stigma is a terrible thing and yet stereotypes continue to be reinforced, through use of conveniently available images. It’s shocking that we continue to misrepresent people in one of the most accessible ways. That of visual media’.

People want to share what they are experiencing

This is sensitive work and instinct is not to share and charge for images of those who could be vulnerable. However, from experience, we’ve worked with many families who are determined to share what life is like for them, so that others can make a difference. We are confident that many will trust us by letting us store and sell their images.

As our business grows, and people see what we do, we expect many more will want to work with us. Our archive will grow exponentially and with it, income. It’s important to understand that we are a social enterprise, any profits will be reinvested to generate new content. The content will be in some of the most challenging areas such as mental health, dementia, poverty and domestic violence.

We believe that a company like Really Real Resources has not been established before because of some of the challenges we’ve highlighted. We feel our unique experience, combined with the warmth we feel from our supporters, will ensure we succeed. Is our new images on Instagram.

A few words about security and our zero tolerance policy

Access to our image archive will be through registration and therefore images will never be in general circulation. Registered users will need to accept our terms and rules.  We don’t believe those we supply images to would, for one minute, think of using them inappropriately. But should that happen, we operate a zero tolerance policy and images will never ever be supplied again to those who are responsible.

Images will be stored encrypted in a very secure Tier 1 facility in Scotland.

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Making an impact

As a social enterprise we will make an impact through;

  • Sharing the reality of life to those in similar situations and creating a sense of community and shared learning.
  • Engaging in an open dialogue with communities to raise awareness within broader public circles, with a view to generating greater understanding for the plights of others.
  • Providing tools to those in difficult situations so that they can share their lives and in doing so giving them a voice which they did not have before.
  • Offering employment opportunities to those who find it difficult to find work.
  • Campaigning to show that vulnerability can be a force for change
Really Real Resources disability stock photography library documentary photography make money 1

We want to challenge stigma and give people a better representation in all media streams.


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