Dave the Terrier – Codeword BOOM

Dave the Terrier - The story behind the logo

As management decisions go this ‘really’ has to be one of the easiest and even then it was taken on the fly.

really real resources Dave the terrier sitting on a chair

The origin story of Dave the Terrier

We had only just committed to making Really Real Resources a reality when it came to me that Dave, my Terrier, would become the perfect model for our logo. Six hours later I’m driving between meetings and I called Leon from the car on handsfree. ‘Hey buddy, I’ve had an idea’.

Given how much pressure that was on Leon at that time I would have understood a protected response, but no, as always my comment was met the normal response.

LW – ‘Great, what have you got in mind’

GM – ‘I am thinking Dave would be great perfect logo for Really Real’.

LW – ‘Sounds perfect lets do it, you’ll need to send me some pics for a graphic though’

GM – ‘Sure I can do that just tell me what you need’


GM – ‘You seemed to agree to that very quickly, don’t you want to discuss it’?

LW – ‘Nope it’s perfect’

GM – ‘How come?’

LW – ‘Well you remember last year when Tracey (Leon’s wife) was recovering from surgery on her tumour. She asked if we could have a dog then.’

GM – ‘And?’

LW – ‘ Well she wanted a dog, because they are non judgemental and she thinks people judge her because of her facial palsy’

Dave the Terrier evolves into something more

What better way to then represent Really Real Resources and what we do. We, and the photographers we work with, follow the traditions of photojournalism. We seek to show what we see in a non judgemental way.

But then as Dave the logo evolved it became clear that unconditional love is something else that dogs bring. The people we work with, are usually where they are in life because of circumstance and reasons outside of their control.  We should be not be allowing there situation to define them or worse still set them on a path predefined by stigma and our low expectations of what they can achieve.

We accept people for who they are and through close engagement try to show their ‘real’ lives so that others can learn from what we see in a non judgemental way.

BOOM - We have a logo

And why codeword BOOM? Well that’s the word we use here to mark every significant landmark along the way at RRR.  When Leon sent me the rendering of Dave it was attached to a text which read ‘BOOM’

Really real resources logo - Dave the terrier

The say greatness comes from small things and look how small dave the terrier used to be! Isn't he cute!

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