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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question just ask, we will do our best to find the answer. Unless its about that rash you have, then best ask the doctor.

Questions about our images

We have a responsibility and duty of care to respect those people who feature in our images. They are real people. Our aim is to get better representation for those who are vulnerable and disadvantaged, but this also comes with responsibility.

Registration is really easy and simple. It will only take a minute and then you can get access to all our images.

No payment is required. Registration is noncommittal.

Simply complete this online form and we will get back to you straight away.

Yes, we may give discounts to some charity organisations. Please get in touch with us so we can have a chat.

No, of course not. Registration is completely free. You will only ever pay for any images you purchase.

We make users register so we can monitor people viewing the stock photography. This is to protect those who appear in the images.

Questions about Really Real Resources

Simply put we are a media resource archive and stock photography library. We focus on vulnerable and disadvantaged groups.

Working with the most vulnerable in society and, where appropriate, their carer’s and families, Really Real Resources is a unique media agency dedicated to generating, sourcing and making available very high quality editorial media, that is stills, video and audio material which ‘Really’ shows what people’s lives are like. Our primary source of income comes through sales of licenses fees for our content.

Really Real is as real as it gets. The resources will be the highest quality media. 

We are a Social Enterprise.

It’s very important that those who work with us understand what this means in practice. It means we would not and cannot sell the business. That’s key because a specialist archive, like ours, would become attractive to the large photo agencies as they seek to add content to their own library. There is a possibility, when such acquisitions, occur for contract changes to take place and image use to become less restricted. That won’t happen at Really Real Resources. We’ll always work to our rules.

Our images come from two sources, documentary photographers and charity organisations. We class these as our contributors.

Documentary photographers add their images or photography projects to our achieve. They have total control over their images and have the option to earn royalties on all their images sold. We always chat to any documentary photographers wishing to join Really Real Resources. we want to make sure our aims and goals are aligned.

We can offer great value working with charity organisations. Firstly the charity can use our library as an archive for their images. Their images can be access by their registered users at any location and of course can downloaded for free. If any images are sold to other registered users they have the option to earn royalties on the images. The main bonus we see is that the organisation getting better representation for the people they represent. And that is what Really Real Resources is all about.

Dave is the Dog, where have you been?

Dave is used in our logo as dogs will give you unconditional love regards of any physical or mental disabilities. Check out this blog about Dave.

The random stuff we get asked

Well that is a bit of a head scratcher Jen. Guess it would be fingers as long as arms. If it was the other way around you would never be able to blow your nose.

Thanks to Jen Craig from Newcastle. Ease up on the Sherry girl!

Well it very much depends on the size of the jar of course. But if you are talking about a Quart Mason Jar it will hold approximately 804 jelly beans.

If you have a different size jar or storage vessel and want to find out how many jelly beans are inside, and don’t want to count them check out this really useful ‘jelly bean counter calculator’.

Thanks to Rose Miller of Perth, Scotland for the question.

Really Real Resources Stock Photography Jelly Bean Question how many jelly beans in a jar calculator question

Jeez, you really need to get that checked out by a doctor.

Anonymous from 6 Birch Avenue, Gateshead. The one with the green door. 

This isn’t blooming Curry’s. I’ve not a Scooby Doo.

Claire Halbert of Dunbar… really, of all the questions.

Yes, Graham Miller can confirm this story is actually correct.

Graham and Rose were looking for a new dog, they seen an ad for the talking dog in question. It was put up for sale by its owner up in Inverness. They travelled up to Inverness, met the owner, who then confirmed the dog did actually talk. Graham went up to the dog asked if it talked. The replied ‘Yes’. Shocked but not taken a back Graham asked for the dog to tell them about itself.

The dog when on to say, that he started out his earlier life as a model, featuring in various television commercials. This is where he was picked up by his agent and moved over to Los Angles in America and starred in a few Hollywood films. He got roles working alongside various actors including Tom Hanks. The CIA heard about him and temporarily enlisted his services as a spy and was then sent over to Russia.  He went on to say that the details were classified so he didn’t go into too much detail. After leaving the CIA he retired in Inverness.

Although Graham and Rose were impressed, they decided against bringing the dog back to Perth as they thought it was a liar and fabricated its stories.


Thinking about becoming a partner? Wanting to add your images to our library? Whatever you are thinking we want to interact with you.



The purpose of our stock image library is provide high quality images of real people with real lives. There is a lack of quality images focusing on the vulnerable, we are changing that.



If you are a potential client and want to buy images, have a story to tell or want your voice to be heard, we would love to hear from you.



We are a small team that don't take ourselves too seriously. But the work we do, we take very seriously.

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