Really Real Contributor

Really Real Contributor

To show life as it really is requires not only access but compassion, honesty and technical skill.

As we’ve already said we want to provide content to the highest editorial standards be it still images, video or audio.

The majority of our Contributors will already be working in the documentary field or may be professionals who have created a body of work on a specific subject. If that’s you, then you know how difficult it is to get that work shown and even when that happens, and you have an impact, it’s often transient. We think that’s because the type of work we do is seen as unglamorous. By making your work readily available globally we can together try to ensure that images when shown have an impact on an ongoing basis. That’s what’s Really Real Resources is all about.

In working with you we would add your images to our secure archive which is only accessible by registered Supporters. In future you’ll be allowed access to your part of the archive so that you can add content directly.

We’ll pay a licence fee for each of your images used and you’ll have the option to request a full of partial fee should you choose to subsidise our work as a Social Enterprise.

Over time we will take the profits and deploy them to cover the costs of specific Contributor photographers who work with us to provide new content for the archive. In those cases no licence fee will be payable by us, copyright will remain with the Contributor though although we will expect a period of exclusivity.

If you have a body of work which you believe is of high quality and which you’d consider adding to our archive please get in touch. Our work so far has focussed on disability we are interested in focussing on any topic where we feel the lives of the vulnerable are poorly represented. This could include mental health, poverty, bullying and other subjects.

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