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This is where you can find out a little more about our documentary photographers and partners. You can find our what makes them tick and what their passions are.

Really Real Resources Photographers Graham Miller Documentary Photographers

Graham Miller

Documentary Photographer - Photohonesty

Our founder Graham has been taking photographs since childhood.

‘I’ve spent much of my time outside of work over the last ten years working with, and photographing some extremely vulnerable people, and their families, at home and abroad. It’s the reaction to that work, which has been published widely. That led me first to the realisation there was a gap, that had to be filled, to the compulsion that is Really Real Resources. My heart bursts with pride when I think about what we have achieved so far and that is before I think of the social impact we will have going forward’.

Really Real Resources Documentary Photographer Tavis Bohlinger

Tavis Bohlinger

Documentary Photographer

Tavis Bohlinger (PhD, Durham University) is interested in capturing the emotional dynamism of autism and its effects on both autistic persons and those who care for them. He resides with his wife and three children in London.

Really Real Resources Disability stock images Cinzia DAmbrosi Documentary Photographer photojournalist

Cinzia D'Ambrosi

Award-Winning Photojournalist

I am a London based, award-winning photojournalist, and also the founder of the Photojournalism Hub, a not for profit that advocates for human rights and social justice through photojournalism and indipendent journalism. My work draws attention to structural violence and abuses of state power on people.  Among my long term investigations, are the effect of hidden homelessness on women and children, the miners‘exploitation in illegal coal mines in China, the impact of systematic racism on young people, targeted marginalisation of the Roma communities in Europe. In the last five years, I focused on a project, Hate Hurts, to expose security and police violence against refugees in Europe. Hate Hurts has been extensively published editorially, broadcasted on Czech National TV and featured in European wide campaigns by Amnesty International. Hate Hurts was selected for the European Month of Photography in Bulgaria (2018) and won an Award from the Photographers Gallery in London (2017).

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