What is a Really Real Partner

Really Real Partner

A Really Real Resources Partner is an organisation who stands shoulder to shoulder with us and shares our determination to show life as it is and who recognises the value of using the best and most representative content available.

You are probably a Third Sector Organisation, like us, and you fully understand the value in sharing real stories of the lives of those you represent. However, due to funding limitations and/or a lack of high quality content you’ve become reliant on free sources of material.

We want to work with organisations like yours to evolve what can be described as a symbiotic relationship. To really show what people’s lives are like, requires trust and access to their lives. We’d then jointly work on a plan and any content would at the same time become available to your organisation for use in your media output. You help us to show life as it is and we then enable you to use the content in your work. It may be necessary for us to collaborate in finding funding for the work we plan to do together depending on the approach being taken.

It’s important to understand that we can only work on projects which will then allow us to add the resulting images to the archive which can then be licenced and offered to our Supporter’s. Like you, we first and foremost have a responsibility to those we work with to care for and protect them and so it’s important to talk this through with them and where appropriate their families before proceeding. We have quite a lot of experience in this area and so don’t be too discouraged, we’d be happy to talk this through with you.

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Even if you feel being a Partner is not for your organisation right now we hope you’ll become a Supporter as while we firmly believe our work, and the work of our Contributor’s should be paid for we offer lower pricing to the Third Sector.

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